ELIZABETH NEIMAN, Alto/Mezzosoprano,

was born in Atlanta, Georgia and studied voice at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin after completing degrees in Music and a double major in Psychology and Linguistics (B.A., Swarthmore College) and Musicology (M.M., Washington University). She participated in courses with Ruth Berghaus and Brigitte Fassbaender. Continuing vocal training brought her to the Lichtenberger Institute, Germany, where she was a student of Gisela Rohmert’s for many years.
She has held engagements at Berlin's Schiller Theater and the Salzburg Festival. Her search for new stage forms led to intensive cooperation with choreographers, directors and composers. Performances include the Edinburgh Festival, the Berlin Academy of the Arts, the Semperoper in Dresden and the Crown Theater in Jerusalem.
Her musical versatility and vocal ambitus has allowed the exploration of a wide range literature in her concert programs. Performances and courses have brought her through Europe,the U.S. and Israel. She has recorded for TV ,CD, and Radio, including Radio Iran Libre(Paris) and Radio Kol Israel (Tel Aviv), and has sung many world premiers.


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