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Ein Abend mit Heinrich Heine
With Gottfried Herbe, Rezitation
Press notices
„A Sparkling Jewel: A rare, unbelievably intensive atmosphere“
The „Living Museum Wiesbaden“ instigated a rare, sparkling jewel in the program "To Heinrich Heine for his Birthday". Compliments to the fine intuition of the protagonists, who created a carefully drawn dramatical path from the „Lore-Lei“ to „Death, that is the cool Night“. Floating „On Wings of Song“, Elizabeth Neiman transported her audience with her cultivated mezzosoprano, a completely natural sounding, radiant voice, into another world. Her immaculate articulation, unobtrusively paired with an intimate and sincere interpretation bar of emotional pathos derservespraise... The fine ensemble work – or is it play? - of the trio created an amazingly compact, rarerified atmosphere, one that is seldom experienced. The audience literally breathed with the performers and gave space for tones and words to reverberate before bursting into heartfelt applaus. Surely Heinrich Heine would have enjoyed this evening, for which this editor wishes many repeat performances. Wiesbadener Tagblatt
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Heines Prose, Poetry and Songs
Set by Brahms, Hensel, Liszt, Mahler-Werfel, Mendelssohn, Meyerbeer, Pfitzner, Schubert, Schumann, Strauß, Wieck. This program was commissioned “Living Museum for German-Jewish History” with support from the Institute Francaise in Mainz for the Heine Bicentenial

Songs by 12 composers. Some are beloved and well-known repertoire pieces like Mendelssohns "On Wings of Song" or Schuberts "Doppelgänger", but also rarities such as Hans Pfitzners "Wasserfahrt" oder Klara Wiecks "Loreley".

Heine’s own words lead us through the evening - biting, profound, witty, lyrical – as multifaceted as the poet and philosopher himself.