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"One shouldn’t speak of “interpretation“ with this singer: she lived every phrase of each song she sang. A more intense connection of content, statement and delivery is hardly imaginable."
Songs of the Diaspora:
A Panorama of 1000 years Yiddish, Sephardic & Hebrew music.
With Judy Kadar, Pedal- und Historical Harps
This program received support from the Arts Foundation of the Central Committee for Jews in Germany
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The Jewess of Toledo
Sephardic & Spanish music from the court of Alfonso "the Wise" in medieval Toledo.
With collage - forum für frühe musik berlin:
Judy Kadar, Harps, Achim Blazejewsky Zymablon, Fidel, Percussion, and Klaus Sonnemann, Shawms & Recorders.
This programm received funding from the Ministry of Culture of the State of Rheinland-Palantine and the Anni-Eisler-Lehmann Foundation.
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Heinrich Heine: Prose, Poems and Songs
Set by Brahms, Hensel, Liszt, Mahler-Werfel, Mendelssohn, Meyerbeer, Pfitzner, Schubert, Schumann, Strauß, Wieck.

This program was commissioned by the“Living Museum for German-Jewish History in Wiesbaden” with support from the Institute Francaise in Mainz for the Heine Bicentenial

Voices of Israel:
New Music from Israel for Voice, Piano & Duo.
Works by Avni, ben Cohen, Catalove, Kadima, Tal.
This program was supported by the Anni-Eisler-Lehmann Foundation and the City Opera of Mainz

Out of Theresienstadt:
Songs and works for Piano by Haas, Krása, Klein, Schulhof, Ullmann. (Optional: with texts).
This program was commisioned by the “Living Museum for German-Jewish History” for the Opera House in Wiesbaden.

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