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The London Independent Magazine
"...warmth and passionate intensity ..."

Out of the Fiery Furnace:
"Profound, thickly woven interpretation... dramatic furore“ Berliner Tagesspiegel

A Sparkling Jewel:
"Floating „On Wings of Song“, Elizabeth Neiman transported her audience with her cultivated mezzosoprano, a completely natural sounding, radiant voice, into another world ... A rare, unbelievably intensive atmosphere“ Wiesbadener Tagblatt

„She has an amazingly broad diversity of timbres and registers at her disposal, beginning with an almost tenoral alto and going up to a strong, rounded soprano-register ... hers is definately a dramatic gift.“ Wiesbadener Kurier

Ha’aretz (Tel Aviv):
"Neiman’s rich, refined Mezzosoprano in tandem with Nagy’s restrained conducting united to give an inner urgency, precision and delicacy that is a rare combination indeed.

What Richness and Variety!: &
One shouldn’t speak of “interpretation“ with this singer: she lived every phrase of each song she sang. A more intense connection of content, statement and delivery is hardly imaginable.“ Öffentlichen Anzeiger, Bad Kreuznach

„The Ensemble Lunaire cast a magic atmosphere of the fantastic – solely via artistic quality... Neiman balanced along the slippery slope of “Sprech-gesang” - tender, ironic, skillfully naïve. An overwhelmingly rich interpretation of Schönberg.“ Trierischer Volksfreund

"Simply facinating how Neiman constantly surprises the listener with yet another new nuance of her warm alto... text-shaping at its’ best. „