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Songs of the Diaspora The Jewess of Toledo An Evening with Heinrich Heine Voices of Israel Out of Theresienstadt

of the


Judy Kadar

and pedal Harps

A la Una

(sephardic trad. )

Di Zun iz Fargangen (M.Gebirtig)

selections from the CD
Jiddisches und Jüdisches,

Melisma Verlag Wiesbaden

"A more intense connection of content, statement and delivery is hardly imaginable."

"Listen !"

A Panorama of 1000 Years of Yiddish, Sephardic & Hebrew Music.

Elizabeth Chayes Neiman, Alto, and Judy V. Kadar, Harps, are two American musicians with classical training returning to their musical and spiritual Jewish heritage. Having lived for many years in Germany, we have come to feel deeply the need to uncover and rediscover the musical treasures of Judaism. The program, Music of the Diaspora, features works from different eras and languages (Yiddish, Ladino and Hebrew) in original arrangements for alto voice and harp.

The repertoire consists primarily of Yiddish songs from Eastern Europe and Sephardic pieces from the Mediterranean basin. These are complemented with Hebrew songs and compositions to Jewish texts and themes, by composers as divergent as John Dunstable, Maurice Ravel and Viktor Ullmann.
Judy Kadar, a specialist in the music of the Medieval and Renaissance periods, has made it her quest to search for traces of Judaism in Early Music. Elizabeth Neiman, who comes from a cantorial family, has contributed compositions by her great-grandfather as well as melodies from several hundred years of oral tradition.
Concert engagements in Europe and the USA: most notably at “Tage der Jüdische Kultur” in Berlin and the Bodensee festival.

This program received support from the Arts Foundation of the Central Committee for Jews in Germany.

Press Clippings:
A rich, diversified picture of Jewish-Hebrew tradition in the packed concert hall.... The clear yet colorful voice rose over -- or better, lay down with, the sound of the harp. It is an organic combination, as if the musicians have searched and found each other.. their music making, with all its craftsmanship, remains perfectly natural.
Mainzer Allgemeine Rheinzeitung

"The evening brought songs from Yiddish, Sephardic and Hebrew tradition, relaxed and informative and -- in explications of Jewish daily life -- with a lightly mischievous undertone in the alto's commentary. She was an excellent mediator in the melodic play between syllabic, free and pure vocalise styles... The ease with which Neiman mastered pieces of very divergent content and style was impressive, as were the sensitive, discrete accompaniments of harpist Judy Kadar, who played a total of four instruments."
Wiesbadener Kurier

"What a richness and variety of Jewish Music! Elizabeth Neiman and Judy Kadar were ideal advocates of "their music. One" shouldn't speak of interpretation with this singer: she lived every phrase of each song she sang. A more intensive connection of content, statement and delivery is hardly imaginable." Öffentlicher Anzeiger, Bad Kreuznach

"This pair does not merely make beautiful music. They make connections in time, place and history of which most musicians would never dream . This is an important concert.
Prof. Thomas Whitman, Swarthmore College